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ORGL 4910: Program Management Fundamentals for Leadership

Quarters offered: Summer 2019 and Winter 2020

The course is intended for those with no prior knowledge of project management, for those who simply wish to know what is entailed in managing a basic, non-complex project. The course will introduce students to the field of project management, the role of the project manager, the project lifecycle, and the processes needed to take a project from initiation to closure. It will also cover the importance of communication, ethics, and teamwork in project leadership while providing experiential activities that reinforce student learning. Cost: $2000 plus $55 application fee.

WATS 3020: Intro to JavaScript Programming for the Web

Quarter: Winter 2020

The code that executes in a user’s Web browser can be a powerful feature of any website or application. This course introduces students to concepts of Javascript programming such as progressive enhancement of content, detecting and altering content to enhance cross-browser experiences, improving the usability of forms, validating data from the user, and more.

This class is delivered either hybrid or fully online.

DICE 3020: History of Text Technology

Quarter: Spring 2020

We use technology to record and transmit cultural knowledge, memory, and imagination through space and time. In this course, we will explore how changes in textual materials and technologies emerge from and shape a specific cultural moment. Some text technologies we may explore are cave painting, tattoos, graffiti, codices, machine-made books, typography, photography, film, graphic design, and digital media.

ORGL 3010: Understanding Leadership

Quarter: Spring 2020

What does it take to make a successful leader? This course introduces you to leadership models, with a focus on contemporary leadership styles. Topics include effective and dysfunctional leader behaviors, ethics and values, and personal mission and vision statements.

DICE 4010: Social Justice in Digital Media

Quarter: Fall 2019

In this course, students explore how various power structures (political, institutional, local, and global) persist in digitally mediated spaces. Students examine the merits of internet media as a catalyst for change. Topics include white privilege, the digital divide, intersectionality, identity politics, digital activism, and toxic technocultures. This course has a project-based service learning component.


ORGL 3030: Organizational Communication

Quarter: Winter 2020

This course provides an introduction to research and theory in the field of organizational communication while also providing students with practical skills in the effective application of communication practices and strategies. The course focuses on empowering leaders to overcome communication barriers within organizations.

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