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Expand your knowledge, enhance your skillset, or just enrich your life by taking a single course at Seattle University. Our courses are dynamic and designed for busy adults who want to do more. Are you considering returning to school and want to see what it feels like to be back in a course? Or are you after a specific skill that will help you succeed in what you’re already doing? Below please find a list of fall classes. Courses begin September 26th.

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ORGL 3000: Understanding Organizations

This course reviews classical and emerging perspectives regarding organizational theory and focuses on improving the student's effectiveness in organizational settings. Students will developthe skills necessaryto understandand effectively address issues in such areas asorganizational values,structure,psychology, and culture.

This class is delivered in hybrid format with most content online and evening classes at Seattle University one night every other week.

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WATS 3000: Foundations of the Web

In this introduction to the Internet and World Wide Web, students will increase their understanding of how the Internet works, how the Web works, how to be more savvy users of the Web, and how to begin the journey from Web consumer to Web creator. Topics include the history of the Web, how websites work, how teams collaborate to build websites, security, privacy, and sharing. This is a general survey course that does not require any prior knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript or computer science.

This class is fully online.

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NCSD 4910-01: Transitions: Gateways to the University

Are you thinking about returning to school after a break? This course helps you learn how to navigate the university effectively, apply the knowledge, skills, and experience that you have to the university context; and learn the new knowledge and skills presented to you. By understanding the demands and the culture of the university, we will be in a better position to fit in and excel. From there we will interrogate the knowledge and skills that we have and assess how those resources can be made to fit the demands of the university.

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DICE 3010: Key Concepts in Computing

Learn the fundamentals of how computers and programming work by exploring the building-blocks of digital technology. From the logic of code to computational thinking, you’ll use simple “maker” projects and system design to learn through tinkering and exploration. You’ll also study the history of computing to discover the forces that have defined it both professionally and culturally.

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ORGL 3010: Understanding Leadership

What does it take to make a successful leader? This course introduces you to leadership models with a focus on contemporary leadership styles. Topics include effective and dysfunctional leader behaviors, ethics and values, and personal mission and vision statements.

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WATS 4010: User Science and Testing

This course will introduce students to the basic principles and techniques used to make sure websites work for all users. Starting with a deep dive into usability and user testing principles, students move through the details of web accessibility and how to better serve all users. Finally, students actually implement web analytics on a website and learn to track user behavior and use analytics data to make decisions about how to improve their websites. No HTML, CSS, or JavaScript knowledge is required, and sites are provided for students who do not have an existing site to experiment on.

Students can take this class either fully online or in hybrid format with most content online and optional evening lab sessions twice a week.

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On the first page of the application be sure to select the “I just want to try out some courses” option and you will be directed to our short form. When prompted, don’t forget to list the course number for the course you would like to take, for example UCOR 1300 or WATS 4010. Once your application is processed, you will receive instructions telling you how to register for the course you want.

If you encounter any troubles in submitting your application, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance or more information. Our admissions counselors are here to help you at every step of the way.

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