WATS Web Development Capstone

Course Details

The capstone project is made up of two components: Production and Analysis. The Production component consists of a significant, polished web-based project. The Analysis component consists of a written document that contextualizes the Production component’s significance in the landscape of web-based software and content. Students may choose to collaborate on the Production component as a team, but each individual writes an Analysis exhibiting a unique point of view. The capstone project will be presented in the context of an online portfolio the student can use to showcase their skills.

Student Work Samples

Eat Your Greens!, Beth Branchaw

Students create single-page JavaScript applications that leverage third-party data APIs and modern development tools.

Code Life, Whitney Larios

A capstone project leveraging multiple third-party data APIs to provide current tech news and events information to developers.

Rovertrak, Luke Green

A project leveraging the NASA API streams to track rovers on Mars.

Portfolio, Halsey Kessner

Students create portfolios to showcase their work and help in their job hunt.

Portfolio, Kyle McWeeney

WATS graduate front end web development portfolio.