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The Web Development Certificate consists of eight courses designed to transition students from a typical web user to an entry-level Frontend Web Developer.

The suggested timeline for completing the certificate is one year: Two courses per quarter over four quarters. Admissions to the program are rolling, so you can apply any time for the next available date.

Fully Accredited & High Quality

Students in the Web Development Certificate program will earn up to 40 college credits.

Courses are rigorous, and led by knowledgeable instructors with real-world experience in the web development industry. Instruction is highly personalized, and course content is updated annually to keep up with trends in the industry.

Hybrid or Fully Online

We know you have a busy schedule and many obligations. Web Development courses may be taken in either ``hybrid`` or ``online`` formats, depending on your need. Hybrid courses have regular face-to-face meetings where you can work with instructors and classmates in hands-on labs. Online courses use video chats and screenshare sessions to allow one-to-one work with your instructor.

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Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will possess a portfolio of work demonstrating mastery in the following learning outcomes.

  • Design Fluency
    Students create and leverage appealing designs that support the needs of users interacting with websites and Web-based software.
  • Foundational Understanding of the Web
    Students are able to analyze and leverage the core building blocks of Web technology, both individually and in concert, to architect and build websites and Web-based software.
  • Frontend Web Development
    Students are able to leverage HTML, CSS and Javascript to create responsive and compelling interactive websites and Web-based software.
  • System Operations
    Students can create and maintain an operating environment for a website by manipulating industry standard technologies and tools.
  • Professional Practice
    Students participate at a peer level in a professional web development setting due to their understanding of cultural norms and practices.
  • User Science
    Students understand principles of usability and user experience and can leverage those principles to conduct user tests and improve websites and web-based software through an iterative process.

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