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The School of New and Continuing Studies (NCS) offers flexible, affordable, and respected educational opportunities for adult students. We currently offer two B.A. degree completion programs, in Digital Technology and Cultures and Organizational Leadership, and a certificate program in Web Development.

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Certificate Programs

 Web Development Courses

WATS 3000Foundations of the Web
WATS 3010Introduction to Web Development
WATS 3020Introduction to Javascript Programming for the Web
WATS 3030Introduction to Servers and Hosting
WATS 4000Building Javascript Applications for the Web
WATS 4010User Science and Testing
WATS 4020Professional Practice
WATS 4030Web Development Capstone Project

Degree Completion Programs

 Digital Technology & Cultures Courses

DICE 3000Introduction to Digital Cultures
DICE 3010Key Concepts in Computing
DICE 3020History of Text Technologies
DICE 3030Foundations of Digital Rhetoric
DICE 3050Digital Cultures: Theory and Practice
DICE 4000Everyday Coding
DICE 4010Digital Identities
DICE 4020Global Digital Cultures
DICE 4030Multimodal Composition
DICE 4040Social Justice and Digital Media
DICE 4900Senior Synthesis Capstone

 Organizational Leadership Courses

ORGL 3010Understanding Organizations
ORGL 3000Understanding Leadership
ORGL 3030Organizational Communication
ORGL 3050Financial Management
ORGL 4010Leading Teams
ORGL 4020Leading Organizational Change
ORGL 4030Diversity in Organizations
ORGL 4040Human Resource Leadership
ORGL 4050Organizational Law
ORGL 4900Leadership Capstone Course