Time Schedule

TermProgram & Section NumberCourse Name
Fall 2017DICE 3000-01Intro to Digital Technologies & Culture
Fall 2017DICE 3020-01History of Text Technologies
Fall 2017DICE 4020Global Digital Cultures
Fall 2017ORGL 3010Understanding Leadership
Fall 2017ORGL 3020Understanding Organizations
Fall 2017ORGL 3050Financial Management
Fall 2017ORGL 4050Organizational Law
Fall 2017ORGL Special TopicsOrganizational Behavior
Fall 2017UCOR 2500Philosophy of the Human Person
Fall 2017WATS 3000-01Foundations of the Web
Fall 2017WATS 3010-01Intro to Web Development
Fall 2017WATS 3020-01Intro to Javascript Programming for the Web
Fall 2017WATS 3030-01
Fall 2017WATS 1090-01
Fall 2017WATS 1090-02
Fall 2017WATS 1090-03
Fall 2017WATS 4000-01Building Javascript Applications for the Web
Fall 2017WATS 4010-01User Science and Testing
Fall 2017WATS 4020-01Professional Practice
Fall 2017WATS 4030-01Web Development Capstone
Fall 2017WATS 4040-01