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Targeting Your Career Change into Web Development

This month we will try something new: A talk and a panel discussion. We will meet at Optimism Brewing, and Seattle University School of New and Continuing Studies will sponsor drink tickets for all attendees. Join us for a presentation, a discussion, and free drinks!

The presentation will be about trends and the direction of the industry. The world of web development changes rapidly, and over the past 10 years the practice of building websites has become a very different process. New roles have been created, old roles have shifted responsibilities, and the resources and tools we use to build websites have evolved and changed in many ways. Although we still need to begin with the “fundamentals” of web development, it’s more important than ever to push into more evolved techniques and approaches.

Planning your career change to target the skills of tomorrow instead of the practices of yesterday is a crucial strategic step to make in order to be successful in landing a job. Developers come from a more diverse background than ever before, and industry is more open to non-traditional backgrounds, but we still need people who can do the job. Join us to explore, explain, and help sort out your options.

We will also have a panel discussion: Navigating the Job Hunt as a Developer with a Non-Traditional Background.

Getting hired as a developer with a non-traditional background can be challenging. Join us for a conversation with web development industry experts who will answer questions and offer advice for conducting a successful job hunt and landing a career-changing job.

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Optimism Brewery
1158 Broadway
Seattle, WA 98122 United States

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