Why Choose NCS?

We Care

One of the precepts of Jesuit education is cura personalis, “care of the entire person”. Not just you, the student, but you, the person. NCS was created with the success of adult students like you in mind. In fact, many of us at NCS were (and continue to be) adult students—some of us were returning veterans, some of us were single parents, some of us worked three jobs to put ourselves through school: we faced challenges similar to the ones you’ll face. But here’s the thing: we all finished our programs, and we can help you do that, too. We offer a flexible, affordable and highly respected education for adult students, and our Jesuit commitment to cura personalis means we care. About your education, about your goals, about you.

Flexible Learning

All NCS courses are delivered either fully online or in a blended format that combines the best features of online delivery and face-to-face teaching. All our courses are designed in collaboration with Seattle University’s cutting-edge Center for Digital Learning and Innovation, and are innovative, interactive, and engaging. You’ll get to know your professor and fellow students well, because we’re not just about building courses; we’re about building community. And our rolling admissions policy allows you to apply, be admitted and begin your studies year-round.

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Affordable Cost

NCS courses are offered at a reduced cost ($400 per credit hour) for adult students. That’s less than half the cost of standard SU tuition. All of our baccalaureate and certificate programs are fully accredited and qualify for Federal Student Aid and VA educational benefits. NCS has a generous transfer credit policy and also offers credit for prior learning experience gained through previous courses, military and corporate training, and proficiency tests.

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Respected Academics

Seattle University is a world-class institution that has been recognized for academic excellence, community service, and value. In 2016, we were honored to be named one of the Top-10 Regional Universities in the West by US News and World Report. When you attend Seattle University, you become part of a learning community that is respected by academics and employers worldwide. NCS faculty are accomplished academics who are often practitioners in their respective fields, and all NCS students have access to Seattle University's excellent student support services.

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