Student Profile: Jeff Bigler, Web Development

Web Development Certificate Graduate Jeff Bigler

We sat down with student Jeff Bigler, to learn more about him and his experience in the Web Development certificate.

Tell us a little about your work and education experience before coming to the School of New and Continuing Studies (NCS)

Prior to coming to NCS, I went to a couple different colleges. I went to The Art Institute of Seattle, I did a short time at the University of Washington Bothell, and then I got my direct transfer degree from Shoreline Community College. During that time, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do as far as my major, and I just kind of stumbled upon Seattle University from a Google search.

What made you decide on the Web Development (WATS) certificate?

What made me decide to do the Web Development Program would be that I took a generic HTML class at the University of Washington Bothell, but at that school, they didn’t really have a Web Development Program. I really wanted to do that after I took that class and so I just went home and did a Google search of “web development schools” in the Seattle area, and that just kind of popped up for Seattle University. So I did a little more digging and research into it, and I immediately became interested.

What was your experience like with the faculty and fellow classmates in the program?

So the faculty in the program are just phenomenal. They really make it a point to help you learn and grow as a student. They definitely make it their top priority to make sure you’re understanding the material, and are advancing well enough. That part was actually amazing to see.

With the classmates in the program, you would have these meet-ups once every other week. You’d come together, and if you were stuck on a homework assignment, or just basically a simple problem within the homework assignment, you could all come together and just work through it in the same environment and setting. There’s also a lot of group projects, so you’ve got a team sort of feel when you’re working on stuff. So it was definitely quite the experience to go through.

You started in the Web Development program, and when you finished you went into a BA program. Can you talk a little bit about that experience?

I started in the WebDev program and as I was getting to the second to last quarter,  I was having such a great time. I wanted to continue on to get my bachelors degree, and I saw that Seattle U also had a program in Digital Technologies and Cultures  (DICE), which is a BA program in the same school (NCS).  I saw that and  I definitely wanted to try that. I had so much fun and so much success with the WebDev program, I wanted to try the DICE program too. So I did it without looking back and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Being a working student, working full-time and going to school. I think a lot of the challenge is getting over the hump of when you’re done with work and you have to go home and actually do homework. For me, I had my end-goal in mind of finishing this program and getting the certificate, so I just set my sights on that and just kind of pushed forward.

What would you tell another adult who is considering going back to school?

I would say if you have any interest at all, just do it. It’s definitely worth it. It’s never too late to start up school again. If I can do it, I think anyone can do it!

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